It’s been a long time since I posted. I think like over two years. To sum things up, I got busy with grad school, work, and looking for a new job. Yes, I have a masters and a new job now. Since that is out of the way, let me talk about President Trump.

Like many people, I am shocked that he won. I thought it was a far off possibility, but that wasn’t going to happen. Well, he did win and now he’s the 45th President of the United States.

So on Election Night, I was watching MSNBC with my father and around 10pm when Chris Matthews started freaking out we knew there was trouble ahead. I went to bed around midnight and when I woke up the next morning Trump had won the electoral vote, but not the popular. To be honest, I felt pretty shellshocked that day.

So where to start with this thing… when Trump announced he was running for president, I thought he would drop out after a few months. He would have gotten the publicity he wanted and that would be that.

I didn’t have much of an opinion of him before the race. I just thought of him as an annoying egotistical gaudy loud mouth who hosted a stupid reality show. Him running for president revealed more than that about him. The man is just horrible in every sense of the word. He is every -ist in the book and there are too many to type. John Oliver’s bit about him a few months ago that provides a good summary.

As we’ve seen Trump’s whole style has been crude. I expect a certain amount of civility and decency from a presidential candidate, president-elect, and president and not just those people, but human beings in general. I never thought I would hear in a debate a candidate defended the size of his penis. That’s like something a 12 year old boy would do. Then again, he was in WWE WrestleMania and many young boys would want to be in that too.

His entire attitude towards people who are different from himself is disgusting. He has consistently derided minorities (especially Mexicans), Muslims, the obese, women, people with disabilities, and the list goes on. The clip below is a good example.

He is mocking a reporter with a disability and he is taking joy in it as is the crowd behind him. When I saw that clip, it infuriated me. What kind of person would do such a thing? How small do you have to be to take pleasure out of mocking a man with a disability?

I honestly thought that the Access Hollywood tape was going to be the final straw that got people to open their eyes. All his other moments of spewing vitriol hadn’t gotten the populace to stop and say, “this isn’t right,” but this was going to be the one. He talked about how he was entitled to sexual assault women because he’s rich and famous. His defense that it was was “locker room” talk and in the past. Well, I don’t know what “locker room” talk is, but I don’t imagine it involves explaining how one has the right to grab a woman’s genitals. Yes, it was years ago, but his language towards women hasn’t changed (it’s been well recorded and just google Megyn Kelly and Trump and you’ll get a slew of stuff). The reaction of most people to this tape was “Oh that’s just him.” That reaction just boggles my mind because I don’t understand how anyone cannot be offended by this.

His campaign didn’t have a message. It had a slogan “Make America Great Again” that was plastered on a bunch damn baseball hats. The slogan makes no sense because things are pretty good. Yes, there are systemic problems that have been around for decades, but he campaigned like the country was a dystopian hellhole. He played up to the fears of the majority of whites, especially males, who felt that they got left behind during the Obama years.

I’ll be honest, Hillary Clinton wasn’t the most exciting candidate, but she was the adult in the room when compared to Trump. She’s experienced, decent, extremely intelligent, and had actually policies. Trump has none of these.

Frontline’s The Choice 2016 gave a detailed background about both Clinton and Trump. The two could not have been any different. Hillary worked hard to get where she is. Trump was handed everything by his father and the banks that bailed him out in the 1990s.

Why did Hillary lose? There were a variety of reasons. As I stated, she wasn’t the most exciting candidate. Many people have a illogical hatred for her. And I think a lot of people cannot handle a powerful woman either.

The news media deserves a lot of the blame. They thought Trump was a fun oddity that would drive up ratings, and gave the man all this free coverage that was unprecedented. Guess what all that free coverage did? Got his face out there more. Their coverage was sexist because Hillary got grilled much harder than he ever did. Then there’s the fake news that spread misinformation about her and the Democrats.

Then there’s the whole email debacle. I don’t want to retread through it, but it was a whole lot of hoopla over nothing. She was cleared by the FBI over the summer. Only to have FBI Director James Comey in a partisan move come in at the last second and say the bureau was reopening the investigation because new emails were discovered. They found no wrong doing, but it caused her campaign extreme damage in the homestretch. Comey broke government protocol by doing that.

Finally, there was the Russian hack which we’re still learning more about. The Russians stated that Trump was their preferred candidate. His argument that it changes nothing is totally wrong because it was hostile involvement of foreign power in an American election. It was kept quiet during the election because government officials didn’t want to seem partisan. This is infuriating for two reasons:

1) The public should have been informed.

2) It’s very hypocritical for Comey making that argument considering what he did with the Clinton emails.

I hope it does get throughly investigated and the Republicans don’t try and push it under the rug.

Since winning the election, Trump has acted petty. Using his Twitter to attack anyone who disagrees with him. Picking fights with the Obama administration and demeaning its intelligence experts. And generally picking fights with anyone. His first press conference in months was a fiasco of him calling many reporters “fake news.” The truth is selective to him and his people. I think the argument that his administration is pushing that his inauguration had record crowds is another example of this.

His cabinet picks reminds me of an evil 1980s corporate board with it being filled with clueless billionaires, climate change deniers, anti-regulators, and so much more. The confirmation hearings this week seem to show how unprepared these people are. First, his pick for Treasury Steven Mnuchin failing to disclose $100 million in assets. I can understand forgetting a couple thousand in assets if your that wealthy, but that much just raises serious alarms. The Betsey DeVos hearing for Education Secretary was super cringeworthy. I’m not even going to talk about Ben Carson for HUD Secretary because really? You’ve got to be kidding me. The man himself has said he’s unprepared for it.

There’s so much I can write about this topic. I will say that I have a jaded worldview, but deep down I thought that the American sense of common decency would prevail in the 2016 Election. I really did. And it’s heart breaking that it didn’t. The country has elected egotistical hateful man who preyed on people’s fears. He tapped into the underlying primal instincts of people to cut each other down and hate. The lack of empathy for the poor and downtrodden that he and his people have attacked is the most disheartening for myself. We are a country that has always strived to live up to the ideals of acceptance, helping each other out, and doing right. Unfortunately, we became petty and small and elected someone who reflects that.