If you don’t know it already, San Francisco is one of the most expensive cities in the country. It and New York usually switch back and forth over that distinction. Not a great one though. I really like San Francisco. It has everything I like in a city: public transit, walkability, culture, great architecture, and etc.. Many people love those things too and have flocked there and as a result its not affordable. The law of supply and demand. There is a limited supply of housing units and the demand greatly exceeds that. San Francisco is not the only city with this problem. This morning, the Atlantic Cities published this article about how the high cost of living is causing an exodus from the city. The article’s author Gabriel Metcalf spells out the reasons: demand, downzoning, and the high cost of developing affordable housing. People can’t affordable to live in the city proper so they move to where they can. In San Francisco’s case that’s Oakland, which has been termed the Brooklyn of the Bay Area. People keep on getting pushed away from the core and move further and further away. This is what’s going on in New York City for years. It’s a cycle. I don’t know how this can be addressed. Metcalf stresses regional planning, but that rarely ever happens between different municipalities.