I’ve mentioned before that Penn Station in New York is hellish. The place is dark, dingy, and cramped. It’s the busiest railroad station in North America. Three railroads serve the station Amtrak, LIRR, and NJ Transit. For years, there has been talk of building the new Penn Station. The plan was to convert part of the Farley Post Office into the new Moynihan Station. So far the Empire State Development Corporation has been able to fund the construction of new entrances in the post office that will connect with Penn Station. The entire site is complicated for several reasons. One, Penn Station is completely underground. Two, Madison Square Garden is right above it. There’s the whole push to kick MSG out in ten years which I find to be completely bogus. Three, there are several government agencies involved and no one seems to be talking to each other. A few days ago, Robert W. Previdi wrote a op-ed talking about all the problems and some commonsense solutions. Even though we all agree that the current Penn Station is horrible, who is going to spend the billions needed to build this world class station everyone wants? There isn’t really the political will to do that. It may have to be a more pragmatic approach to fix the place up.