Tonight is the finale episode of Breaking Bad. For the past week there have been various retrospective articles and predictions about how it will conclude. This weekend the Times has published two reflections about the show. The first one is about fan support and how the evolution of viewing habits (DVR and Netflix) helped keep the program on the air. The second article is about the production’s effects on Albuquerque’s local economy. Beyond the multiplier effect of filming, there are now Breaking Bad tours of the city, beers, and donuts.

I didn’t watch Breaking Bad when it premiered. I heard the concept and thought it was a little ridiculous. Also, I couldn’t imagine Malcolm in the Middle dad (Bryan Cranston) doing a serious role. Well, one night after I got home from work I was channel surfing and stumbled on AMC and saw Walt doing one of his evil acts. I watched the entire episode and thought it was pretty good. I got the discs from Netflix and started from the beginning and became hooked. When I was living out west without cable, I would go to my local coffee shop and watched it on my laptop.

The series started out as one thing and transformed into another. It took a decent man who was trying to do something noble (but extremely misguided) for his family and changed him into a evil person. Throughout the series, I always wondered what is Walt’s limit to only discover that he has none. And poor Jesse. He has been dragged through hell. He may be a punk, but he is still the most moral one on the show.

To be honest, I have no clue how things will end for Walt and Jesse. I don’t want to speculate because however things get wrapped up it will be far better than anything I can conjure up.