A few days ago, the Times published this article about food stamp recipients and the murky future of the program. As I read the article, I became livid. Food stamps (SNAP if you want to get technical) is a lifeline for millions of Americans. You can’t live off the program alone. Recipients need to supplement it by going to pantries, soup kitchens, etc.. I’ve never understood the issue people have had with the program. What it wrong with providing assistance to eat? It is one of the most moral things our government does. More money should be put into the program. I know that this is just another target for the Tea Party to go after. Their belief that big government is wrong is just idiotic. What angers me is that they (and the great majority of Republicans) are so vindictive towards the poor. The quotation from this Congressional Representative Stephen Fincher who uses bible and says, “The one who is unwilling to work shall not eat” just illustrates  their hatred of the poor. I read that and I was flabbergasted. What is wrong with these people! Do they understand the hell of poverty? If they did they would not be spewing with all this abhorrence.