What do New Yorkers want? That is always a good question. Well, we want to have everything and the right to complain about everything. It’s a catch-22. In this case, what do we want in a mayor? The Bloomberg era is coming to an end and the field is wide open. I’m not too big of a fan of anyone running. I can name all the baggage attached to each one. (Just throwing this out there, I’m really surprised that Wiener is doing so well right now.) The election is months away and lets see how it all plays out.

Today in Week in Review, Sam Roberts gives us a overview of modern New York City mayors. He writes about the cycles of politics in the city and he asks what do New Yorkers want? From the polling discussed in the op-ed, we want sort of want something new while maintaining the status quo.

Maintaining the status quo is fine, but things need to be shaken up a little.