I think the sequester is one of the dumbest events our country’s leaders have ever allowed to happen. It’s been a few months since it started and everyone shrugs their shoulders. The prevailing attitude is what are you do about it? A couple days ago, The Atlantic Cities published this article talking about the sequester’s impact on the poor. Everything mentioned in there is true. Those on unemployment have seen their benefits decrease. Head Start and Meals on Wheels are now providing fewer services. Federal programs for low income and supportive housing have been cut to the bone.  These programs serve the poor and weakest members of our society and no one has raised their voice about how these cuts are wrong. People have moved on in so many words. The greater populace gave a damn about the sequester when they heard that air travel could suffer. A plane ride mattered more than a senior getting a meal to eat. There is something very wrong in our society when that happens.