Sorry for the radio silence for the past couple weeks, but I’ve been busy with school.

I just finished reading this article about the woes of the Oakland A’s from becoming the San Jose A’s. First, isn’t the complexities of Major League Baseball astonishing? The team wants to move. San Jose is willing to give them land for a stadium. Under normal business practices, the stadium would be half way built by now, but MLB isn’t normal. As we all know, it is a protected monopoly that pretty much can do what it wants. It does act very arbitrarily. A recent example from last summer is what happened with former owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers Frank McCourt. He was going through a divorce and the financial stability of the franchise was up in the air. The quick story is that the MLB took over the team and forced McCourt to sell. At the same time, the owner of the Mets the Wilpons were (still are) having financial difficulties. What did the MLB with them? The league gave them a loan because the commissioner Bud Selig is friends with the Wilpons. Talk about arbitrary practices.

The current issues between everyone in the Bay Area is money. The Giants don’t want to give up any possible revenue by allowing the A’s to move to San Jose. This isn’t ticket revenue I’m referring to. Teams make very little from that. It’s all about the television money. For the A’s, they just want the chance to thrive in a new city instead of where they are. Their current home is old and they are second class citizens in there because the Raiders are the ones calling the shots there. San Jose wants to become a “major” American city instead of just being a line from a song. I didn’t know it was the tenth largest city in the country until I flew out there a few years. Really how this is all going to get settled is that the Giants are going to either get a lump sum of money or a portion of the A’s television revenue.