New York City’s bike share program Citi Bike finally starts up on Memorial Day (Monday May 27). The start date of the program has been delayed multiple times for a variety of reasons, such as software problems, damaged equipment, and etc. Now with all things in New York City, everyone has a opinion of Citi Bike. And mostly the negative views have been reported, especially since the bike stations have been installed. I don’t ride a bicycle, but the whole idea of a bike share is great. It makes sense.

As I stated, everyone has a opinion. One valid point raised last year was that the great majority of the bike share locations are in Manhattan and not the outer boroughs. There are none in the Bronx and Staten Island. I know what you’re thinking. Who cares about the Bronx and Staten Island? I do and it’s not just because I am from the Bronx. It is because a citywide program is supposed to be citywide. It is the initial roll out, but a couple stations should have been installed in the two boroughs.

Over the past few weeks, the city has been installing the bike stations and communities and businesses across the city have been complaining about how the aesthetics are going to be ruined, loss of parking, and etc. At the end of the day, it is just the typical NIMBY attitude. “We like the idea, but we don’t want it near us.” When I was reading Streetsblog this morning, the website linked to Brooklyn Spoke’s counter to all the arguments against City Bike. Everything they state is true and totally agree with. They win the argument.

Two weeks to go to the start of Citi Bike and we’ll see how it goes. Once people get used to it, they’ll probably wonder how they ever lived without it.