I’m in grad school for urban planning and I do nerd out on almost anything that has to do with planning. The other day, The Atlantic Cities published this article about the future of the DC Metro map since the Silver line will be opening up soon. The gist of the article is that adding the Silver line will ruin the aesthetics of map. Transit maps aren’t exactly the most aesthetically pleasing. A couple years ago, the Times published this article about the evolution of the New York City subway map. The current map is less cluttered than the previous, but unless you know the system you will be confused. I think it’s impossible to design a map that will be visually appeasing and give all pertinent information. Designers will always love Massimo Vignelli’s subway map and I have to agree that it is one of the better designed maps. It’s simple, but not totally accurate. Finding a balance between design and rider info is hard and that is why transit systems need information clerks to help out riders.