This morning I was reminded about how New York State politics work. I read this Times article about patronage in the Cuomo administration. The quick gist of the article is that children of substantial donators got jobs at the state’s economic development agency Empire State Development (legally known as Urban Development Corporation). As I read the article, my thought was more of the usual. Now this lead me to remembering a conversation I had a few weeks ago with an old roommate of mine. He was asking me about the whole bribery plot involving the New York City mayors race and my response was “typical New York State politics.” He was slightly taken aback by my reaction. (He’s a very outgoing and optimistic Texan and I’m a overly cynical New Yorker. It was like the Odd Couple when we lived together.)

The more I think about it I am totally blasé about how corrupt New York State’s politics are. Some notable examples are the entire Carl Kruger bribery case, Joe Bruno, and my favorite super corrupt former state senator Pedro Espada Jr. It’s like almost everyone who goes up to Albany resigns or gets convicted. I can usually find the humor in things, but this isn’t really funny at all.

I recognize that politics is a dirty game, but there has to be something better then this system we have in New York.