I believe that Robocop is a very misunderstood movie. One time, myself and a friend were talking about the film’s finer points and his girlfriend said sarcastically, “A guy getting his arm blown off is really deep. “People tend to concentrate on the violence and science fiction aspects of the story and miss the deepness of the film.

In my opinion, the film offers the sharpest and best commentary of 1980s America. It depicts a United States that is overly materialistic, hawkish, and filled with massive class disparities. Not much has changed when I think about it. If I remember correctly this was Paul Verhoeven’s first US made movie so he would have been able to see this more than an American director per se. Peter Weller through subtle acting was able to bring emotion to Robocop. His character rediscovers his humanity through his journey and comes to the horrific realization that he is a freak of nature.

It is best to forget the sequels to the original Robocop. Just remember that this film is a achievement.