Shaving is one of the most mundane and easiest things that men do. When you’re a teenager, you may nick yourself here and there, but that is from inexperience. After a few years, shaving becomes routine. Now I am writing about this because when I was shaving this morning I remembered a Barbasol commercial I saw the other day. The 30 second spot is a minor league pitcher from the 1920s talking about being tough and how real men shave with Barbasol in so many words.


There is nothing tough about shaving. For goodness’ sake, men use safety razors. It’s like one of the safest activities one can do. If  a man wants to boost about how shaving makes him tough use a straight razor. Nothing is more manly then possible slicing open your neck when you shave. Live on the dangerous side, gentlemen!

To finish up, I find how genders identify with different ideas to be fascinating. I believe that most of it is a result of society pushing stereotypes and also advertising what it means to be male or female.