Earlier today I read on the Times website that NBC is planning to push Jay Leno out of The Tonight Show and replace him with Jimmy Fallon. I’m glad the network executives want to get rid of Leno. The man is not funny and I have a very low opinion of him, but replacing him with Jimmy Fallon! Come on, guys. Jimmy Fallon is not funny. The man cannot keep a straight face when he tells a joke. Over on the Atlantic Wire, they published this article about the fact that Conan O’Brien got screwed over by NBC. From the tone of this post, you can take a guess that I’m partial to Conan. I think he’s a good comedian and he has attributes I like. The did his time on Late Night. He could have gotten a good deal on another broadcast network, but he wanted to host the Tonight Show. It was promised to him and he got it briefly until Jay Leno took it away. It’s a long story and I’m not going to rehash it. He moved on to TBS with a new show and I imagine that he is bitter and will continue to be bitter about the whole thing. I am not crazy about the idea of Jimmy Fallon hosting the Tonight Show or anything in general. We’ll see what happens.