In New York City, almost everything is tilted towards the richer areas and the borough of Manhattan. It’s a fact. I’ve seen it all my life. The Times published this article about the disparity between parks in Manhattan and outer boroughs when it comes to funding and charitable donations. Central Park is the gorilla in the room. It is highly utilized by affluent and is filled with tourists. It has pull in so many words. Money is poured into it to make it look pristine. The issue is what about parks in the outer boroughs. For example, Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx is jammed back on weekends. The parade ground can have baseball, soccer, rugby, and cricket games going on at the same moment. It is highly utilized by the local community, but considering that the locals are middle and working class the park doesn’t have the same ability to get funds as Central Park or the High Line do. All I’m saying is kick up more money to parks of the outer boroughs.