The other day I read this Times’ article about the South Ferry station. Actually there are two stations. The original and the new one that opened in 2009. Only the first five cars of a train could fit in the old station and only one train at a time. When the new station opened, it increased the capacity of the 1 line. Superstorm Sandy (legally it wasn’t a hurricane) severely damaged the new station. The last I read the entire station may have to get gutted and rebuilt. That could take 3 years (probably longer). People have complained about how without the station their commutes have gotten so hard. And now, the old station comes back into play. It’s still there. Didn’t get too damaged and there have been calls to reactivate it. From the tone of this article, it seems like that may happen. I can understand the re-activation arguments. It was a major connection and especially for people who ride the Staten Island Ferry. How is the MTA going to pay for it? The authority is broke (then again it never has money). It’s going to cost millions and the federal government is not going to pay for it. The Sandy aid can only go to rebuilding the new station.