When I was reading this Times’ article this morning, I smiled. The Wawa and Sheetz rivalry! I went to college in Philadelphia and have a big soft spot for Wawa. During senior year, I went to it almost everyday. I remember the first time I went to Wawa too. I know it is a convenience store, but growing up there were only crappy little delis (no longer the case) around me and going into a Wawa for the first time was an experience. The store was so clean, it had a large inventory, you could order a sandwich by touchscreen (a technological marvel!), and the staff was friendly. What’s not to like? I do dream of the day a Wawa will pop up in New York City. We just got 7 Elevens a few years ago so there is hope. I’ve never been to Sheetz so I really can’t judge it. I know it’s from western Pennsylvania and like Wawa, but that’s about it. I once saw one from a highway and asked my friends to pull over and they refused and one said “it’s for rednecks.” I think that statement was a little discriminatory, but strange Pennsylvania stuff at the end of the day. All this talk of Wawa makes me think I need to take a trip down to Philadelphia soon.