Just read this article from the Atlantic Cities about how low income housing doesn’t actually exist and I have to agree. The low-income tax credit is a noble idea, but the program is badly executed. At the end of the day, developers have no interest in doing the egalitarian thing of building housing for the poor they just want to save money. It is very true that the majority of these developments are not priced for low-income individuals. The price range on average falls into the middle class price bracket. The final part of the article about vouchers makes sense, but the major issue is that in New York City at least the only way you can get a Section 8 voucher is if you’re a veteran. Also, not all landlords take Section 8. They’re supposed, but they don’t. It’s a mix of dealing with the bureaucracy and not wanting to rent to a low-income individual in fear that it will lower the value of the property. The author of the article mentions that it vouchers should be used to promote home ownership, but that will never fly politically in the country.