This morning in the Times, I read a very good op-ed written by Frank Bruni about the institutional problems within the Roman Catholic Church. I’m a non-practicing Catholic and as previously noted in the blog I have a complicated relationship with my faith. Many of my grievances come from the power structure of the church and how out of touch the leadership is with the world. Bruni’s article points out a few of my disagreements. The leadership’s treatment of nuns is wrong and nothing else can be said about that. How the church handled the sex abuse was criminal. Attempting to cover it up was a crime. Not reporting it was a crime. And on a basic level, it was betraying a basic trust between the church and its people. What people need to remember is that it is a human institution and it is prone to human frailties and the leadership needs to remember this too.

At the end of the day, the church’s leadership needs to drop their hubris and remember the basic tenets of Catholicism instead of the centuries of institutionalism.