Last week, I checked out Ruby Sparks. It came out over a year ago, but as previously mentioned the Netflix queue is long. I only made it half way through the film. I gave up it because it just angered me too much. I didn’t like it. The best way to describe the film is that it is filled with bad hipster aesthetics. What am I mean by that is that it is overly cliched.

First, everyone makes a film that shows how lonely Los Angeles is. It’s not an original idea and has been done before and will be done again.

Two, a writer with writer’s block. Again, it’s been done before.

Three, the typewriter. In a scene, Paul Dano’s character speedily types on a typewriter. He speeds through pages and pages of material. First, who in modern day America writes on a typewriter? No one. It is romantic image of a writer hunched over his typewriter. People use computers with spell check today.

Finally, the Ruby Sparks character is just the hipster dream girl that all hipster men fantasize about.

Maybe I’m biased because I’m not a fan of hipsters, but just my two cents.