As all good Catholics, I have a very complicated relationship with the church. By complicated, I mean I disagree with a lot of its decisions. The Times published this article this morning about how some pro-life Catholics are starting to wondering about gun control. Now, I’m pro-choice. Every person is entitled to their own view. What has always ticked me off about the entire abortion discussion in the US is that it gets reduced to yelling and screaming. Is it so hard to have a thoughtful discussion about this issue?

Now, what really angers me about the church’s stance on abortion is that it triumphs all other issues. I highly disagree with the death penalty and I don’t remember the last time the church said anything about it. As the Times discusses, Catholics are all of a sudden caring about gun control. Where have you guys been? Gun violence has been a leading killer for decades in this country. What about access to adequate healthcare? I can go on forever about social justice issues and the lack of attention Catholics give to them.

As discussed, I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion. In my opinion, to be a true pro-lifer you have to care about more than abortion.