The Cloisters is a gem. The museum is located in on a hill in upper Manhattan and specializes in European art from the Middle Ages. As many great institutions in the city, it was founded by the Rockefellers who went the extra step of purchasing the New Jersey Palisades to give the museum a spectacular view. The Times published an article about how LG is planning on building a new office complex that will encroach on the Cloisters’ view. The complex is not in the protected land, but will rise above the tree line. I’m a little surprised this situation hasn’t happened earlier. How do the parties involved come to a compromise? This reminds me a lot of what happened between Fordham University and the New York Botanical Gardens a few years back. Both institutions are across the street from each other. So Fordham was building an antenna for its radio station WFUV next to the schools field house. The Botanical Gardens sued the university because the antenna was going to cast a large shadow or something over their grounds. This case went on for years and the compromise was that the antenna was placed on top of a highrise owned by the Montefiore Medical Center. Could something like happen between LG and the Cloisters? Maybe. Probably. We’ll see what happens.