I read a few days ago that American Airlines adopted a new corporate branding strategy. As a company, American is in the dumps. The company is in bankruptcy, labor relations are tense, the fleet is old and showing its age, and service is poor. Nothing, but bad news. The company has decided to rebrand. It makes sense. They’re trying to get their act together and get to back to profitability. The problem is that a new logo will not get them back into the black. A large amount of restructuring will be needed. But that’s another story.

The classic Massimo Vignelli logo is a beautiful design. It’s a little dated, but the design is great. Considering the logo has been is use since 1968, it could use a little updating and that’s what has happened. To be honest, I don’t care for the new logo. The new logo reminds me of a little of the Aquafresh logo. I understand that the basic design is supposed to represent a plane’s tail. It is a bold redesign from the old double A logos used for the company, but it is a large jump. I will say one thing I do like with the rebranding is the company is getting rid of the red, white and blue stripe along the fuselage. I have never cared for that. Brand New has a detailed article about the changes.