Just read this article from Robert McCartney over at the Washington Post about how much of a pain it is to attend a Redskins game. I’m not a football fan (baseball is my game). He brings up many good points. There are many factors that he brings up that can make going to games of any sport a hassle. Commuting is a major issue. I luck out because when I do go to a baseball game I can hop on the subway and be at Yankee Stadium in like half an hour. Going to Met Life Stadium is a pain. If you drive the traffic is a nightmare. Even for a uncle of mine who lives nearby the complex it took awhile to get there. And then there is the parking. When the new stadium opened up, my uncle didn’t get a PSL and he was assigned parking so far away for the stadium that he needed to ride a shuttle bus to get to the actual facility. The prices charged inside of sporting facilities are vastly inflated. I think I paid over ten bucks for a beer at Yankee last time I was there. If you want to bring your family to a game then it is going to be really expensive. I have no use for drunken behavior.